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spletna mobilna aplikacija - turizem
spletna platforma za potovalno agencijo
Ars longa: online platform

How we reduced the amount of administration and sped up the processes of a travel agency with an online platform.

Project study
nova palmina poslovalnica na spletu
spletna turistična poslovalnica

How we increased customer trust and sales of tourist packages by creating an online platform for travel agencies.

Project study
ocena škode in cenitve prek mobilnega telefona
spletno orodje za cenitve na daljavo

How we increased the efficiency of appraisers by remote damage assessment by up to 86%.

Project study
mobilna varzija nove spletne strani gozdni specialisti
projekt nove spletne strani
DOPPS Forest specialists

How DOPPS raised €45,000 in donations in eight months with the help of the Forest specialists website.

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How we increased customer trust and sales of tourist packages by creating an online platform for travel agencies.

Project study

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After the first introductory meeting, we meet for a workshop where we analyze your company. We review its current situation, pinpoint your pain points and, based on the findings, propose some ideas for digitalization.

The next step includes analyzing the identified pain points and defining the appropriate solutions in more detail. At this stage, you receive an offer, and after we receive your confirmation, we begin working on said solutions.

A good user experience (UX) is essential in the development of any solution, which is why it’s the first thing we tackle. We prepare wire models and design concepts. After we receive your confirmation, we begin the technological development phase.

We include you in every phase of the development process of your product. When the development phase ends, we start testing. When we receive confirmation, we initiate the last step of the process – production. This is when the product is introduced to users. Since the technologies on which technological products are based are constantly changing, we also offer regular maintenance.

Research, analysis and estimation
UX, UI design
Deploy and maintenance

AHA Hyperbarics - website renovation

Collaborating with the (u)centrix team has been very pleasant and successful for us. We had the privilege of working with excellent experts who knew how to transform our desires into a website that elevated the level of our digital communication with the global market. AHA Hyperbarics is a young, international, and rapidly growing company, a leading innovator in the field of technologies and education for the administration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for medical and non-medical purposes. Our area of work is quite specific and demanding when it comes to complying with various regulations and standards, especially in communication. That’s why we are delighted to have chosen (u)centrix for the website redesign. We collaborated with an experienced and flexible team that understood us and developed a modern and informative company presentation. Thank you once again!

Tina Kokalj
Executive Director

Aestimo - guided remote valuations tool

Project study

Working with U-centrix was a smooth and pleasant experience. With a proactive approach and willingness to understand & support the customer’s process, they confirmed we chose well at every step of the way. Clear and responsive communication on both the user and technical side ensured we kept the envisioned pace and were able to push out the product we envisioned and smoothly transform our day to day to a newer and streamlined process painlessly. Five stars on Tripadvisor “

Maja Petriček
Head of Claims at GRAWE Hrvatska d.d.

A1 Slovenija

The u-centrix team had already made a very good impression at the introductory meeting. However, when the opportunity for collaboration with us arose, the impression from u-centrix only deepened and grew into excellent cooperation. They are highly professional, adaptable, and constructive, making them a very good partner for tackling even the most challenging IT tasks.

Anton Vehar
IT Planning Manager

Aestimo - guided remote valuations tool

Project study

The solution saves us a lot of time because it allows us to work remotely. Despite the fact that the property inspector is not physically present during the appraisal, the quality of the photos and video calls during the inspection is high enough. This allows the viewer to get all the necessary information. It also enables them to get a sense of how the appraised property looks like in reality. The greatest value for us when using Aestimo is the time we are saving. This is done without compromising the quality of the collected data.

Katja Kovačič
NAI Significa

BookinIT - online office for travel agencies and tour operators

Project study

The BookinIT website and system are very easy to use. Publishing content and images takes us much less time compared to our previous website. It enables us to provide our sales partners with our offers through all possible channels (B2B portal, iFrame, Booking API) and in five different languages. In doing so, we have also greatly increased sales at home and abroad. We are satisfied in all aspects.

Staš Pišek
online marketing manager, Travel Agency Palma

BookinIT - Travel Agency PALMA

Project study

The website and the BookinlT system are very easy to use. In fact, publishing content and images takes us much less time than on our previous website. U-centrix also implemented major XML data import and export. This increased the number of offers on our website by more than half. The implementation was quick and professional, which allowed us to complete such a project ahead of schedule. We were also very pleased with their design department. We updated the entire design of how offers are displayed on the website a couple of months ago, which visibly improved the user experience. The software solutions also enabled us to provide our sales partners with our offers through all possible channels (B2B portal, iFrame, Booking API) in five different languages. With this, we also significantly increased sales both at home and abroad. All in all, we are satisfied with all aspects of the service.

Urša Knaus
marketing, Travel Agency Palma

DOPPS - website and system for live streaming

U-centrix d.o.o. created a comprehensive product, which included a website and a two-webcam system. The system transmits a live stream of two Eurasian eagle-owl nests.
Their work was professional, and at the same time took into account the wishes of the client. They also considered the conditions when it came to field work. We are very satisfied with the product as well as the company’s approach. We recommend them for any problems that need innovative solutions.

Tilen Basle
conservation ornithologist, DOPPS

ISPIO - website

Together with U-centrix, we constructively developed a new website, which is now recognizable, easy to read and quickly directs customers to what we want to communicate to them. Their team showed a great deal of professionalism, innovation, and consideration for the client’s requirements. Good job!

Matjaž Prebil
Chief commercial officer, ISPIO d.o.o.

ZID - website

The Association of Engineering Societies Maribor (ZID MB) is a professional association of engineers in Maribor. It is aware of the importance of information being up-to-date and readily available. We decided to entrust the development and set up of a modern ZID MB website to U-centrix. The company made great efforts to understand our specific requirements. It also developed and set up a new website that meets our requirements fully in a very short amount of time. The website showcases the development and technological trends in website development. The members of ZID Maribor are satisfied with the work U-centrix has done and have decided to continue our cooperation in the form of a maintenance contract and possible upgrades of the work they have done so far.

izr. prof. dr. Karl Gotlih
vice president ZID

ELITE TRADING - affiliate system development

Our first impression as a customer—the contractor was excellent. We rate the work we requested as superb. We really liked the weekly work reports. These enabled us to always know what was going on and how the project was progressing. We also appreciated the responsiveness of the team concerning any questions or challenges that came up. The finished product was exactly as we had imagined. They also fulfilled all of our subsequent wishes. U-centrix was a pleasure to work with, and I believe that we will work together again on projects in the future.

Sebastjan Toplak
CEO, ELITE TRADING FX, financial consultant

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