U-Centrix joins the prestigious Slovenian Technology Forum

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U-Centrix joins the prestigious Slovenian Technology Forum

We are proud to announce that U-Centrix has joined the prestigious Slovenian Technology Forum. The Forum’s board of directors officially confirmed our membership during a correspondence session at the end of June. This pivotal step marks U-Centrix’s integration into an economic interest association dedicated to connecting high-tech companies and championing the creation of a sustainable future for Slovenia.

The diverse membership of the Slovenian Technology Forum comprises high-tech companies, startups, investors, and supportive companies that collaborate within the sector. United by a shared commitment to excellence, they all contribute to a high added value per employee. The Forum’s overarching vision revolves around transforming Slovenia into an environmentally conscious and socially responsible society that upholds the rule of law and has a dynamic economy, driving social welfare and generating quality employment.

Originating from the collaboration of 19 companies in September of the previous year, the Slovenian Technology Forum recently organized a public presentation underlining the urgency of adopting a new developmental model for Slovenia. This juncture highlights a critical choice in our societal evolution – a transformative moment. To realize sustainable development goals leading to 2040, we must collectively examine our role in preserving the planet and fostering both economic prosperity and social well-being. To this end, the Forum advocates that both governmental bodies and enterprises focus on amplifying the high-tech sector. This strategic effort promises to heighten the economy’s added value, create lucrative employment opportunities, and elevate overall economic and social prosperity throughout the nation.

In recent years, Slovenia has encountered various challenges, including political instability, financial crises, and migration pressures. Nevertheless, we believe that the high-tech sector can play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges and ensuring a sustainable future. Through technological innovation, awareness of sustainable development, and the creation of sustainable products and services, companies can actively contribute to the preservation of the planet.

Recent decades have borne witness to the transformative power of technology. Today’s landscape is shaped by a digital revolution, with innovation and high-tech companies spearheading the trajectory of the future. Yet, Slovenia’s success hinges on more than individual accomplishments. A cohesive strategy and collaborative effort are required to achieve sustainable economic growth, societal well-being, and a secure welfare state.

Our membership in the Forum is rooted in shared values centered on economic growth, social welfare, legal integrity, social security, an enabling business ecosystem, high-value creation, entrepreneurial freedom, and the promotion of investments in high-tech enterprises. By aligning with like-minded businesses, our intent is to actively partake in shaping the forthcoming societal structure and contributing to the long-term progress of Slovenia.

Moreover, the Technology Forum actively advocates comprehensive workforce development, digitalization, bureaucracy reduction, and an improved business environment. At U-Centrix, we share the belief that nurturing well-trained personnel, fostering digital transformation, minimizing bureaucratic obstacles, and fostering a vibrant business milieu are crucial. This environment is essential for the growth and advancement of high-tech companies.

Aligned with these goals, as a member of the Slovenian Technology Association, we are committed to engaging robustly in both governmental and societal development schemes. Our pledge includes embracing innovation, fostering sustainable development, and creating roles of elevated value addition. Collaborating closely with fellow association members, we will ardently pursue the expansion of the high-tech sector, fortify the business environment, and further social well-being across Slovenia.

We look forward to the opportunities presented by our membership in the Slovenian Technology Forum. We are confident that through collaboration with companies and entrepreneurs, and collective efforts, we will contribute to a brighter future for Slovenia. Together, we are building a sustainable, innovative, and successful society where high-tech companies play a pivotal role.