Project presentation

In the process of damage assessment or of property values, the biggest reason for the loss of both time and money for all involved (appraisers, their clients, and insurance companies) is the logistics involved in on-site appraisals.

During fieldwork, appraisers perform 5-8 property or damage assessments per day. However, when their customers bring cars for damage assessment to their office, they perform between 50 and 70 assessments per day. Aestimo solves this problem by enabling an instantaneous establishment of a video connection between the insured customers and the appraiser, without the need to download any application.

What we created

Aestimo is not an ordinary video call, but an advanced tool with key functions for remote valuation. With the innovation, insurance papers can be signed remotely, and the subject of the insurance policy is simultaneously documented in its original state. In this way, it’s quicker and easier for appraisers to determine the extent of the damage. They can also prevent insurance fraud and errors, which occur when customers are left with no guidance from professionals.

Up to 86% better appraiser efficiency

With a 10 times faster than average valuation time, Aestimo enables its users to reduce valuation case processing queues. With this, insurance companies increased the efficiency of appraisers by up to 86% with no interference with their existing systems.

Assured security of personal data

The protection of personal data is ensured at the highest possible level, as the solution transfers data encrypted (E2E) and directly (P2P) between the devices of the customer and the appraiser. Unlike its competitors, the innovation does not store personal data and, with a special design, ensures that no one else, not even developers, can see the data being transferred.

Quality multimedia content regardless of the signal

The key technological innovation included in the solution are also proprietary algorithms for capturing high-resolution multimedia content, regardless of the quality of the telephone signal. High-quality photos are the basis for successful appraisals. Unlike a typical real-time video transfer, which is only possible by compressing the data to remove most of the details, Aestimo retains the quality of the captured multimedia content. This is of great importance to appraisers, who rely on the details in the multimedia content for their work.

The world in the palm of your hand

For insurance companies and appraisers who use this tool, Aestimo also represents a process innovation. Since it is not limited to the geographical location of the client or appraisers, it allows companies to perform appraisals all over the world from one office. It represents a solution on an international level, as it can be used as a cloud service by companies and appraisers from all over the world.

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Increasing customer confidence

Insurance companies often lose the trust of their customers because of one-sided digitalization, which reduces costs for the insurance company, but shifts the responsibility and complexity of the process onto the customers, who are not experts in this field. Aestimo puts the responsibility back in the hands of the professionals, who use interactive augmented reality to guide policyholders through the process to complete the valuation together, but apart.

Empowerment of employees

The tool empowers the insurance company’s customers by actively including them in the valuation process, informing them about the progress of the process and, as a result, increasing their trust in insurance companies. At the same time, the interviews with appraisers and the needed documentation are both completed within a few minutes, and the responsibility for the appraisal is carried by the expert and not by the customer.

Quick and easy to use

By using new technologies such as PWA (progressive web app), WEBrtc (real-time data transfer via the web), the tool enables the instant establishment of a video connection by simply clicking on a link in an SMS message. In the fastest and easiest way for them, customers can immediately start the valuation process in an active telephone call with the appraiser.

Empowering vulnerable groups and caring for the environment

By enabling remote work, Aestimo reduces appraisers’ exposure to traffic hazards and enables elderly and mobility-restricted appraisers to perform their work efficiently and effectively.

As an example of good digitalization, Aestomo frees appraisers and insurance companies from the costs, inefficiencies and CO2 emissions brought on by logistics and the dependence of their work on fossil fuels.

Customer feedback

“The solution saves us a lot of time because it allows us to work remotely. Despite the fact that the property inspector is not physically present during the appraisal, the quality of the photos and video calls during the inspection is high enough. This allows the viewer to get all the necessary information. It also enables them to get a sense of how the appraised property looks like in reality. The greatest value for us when using Aestimo is the time we are saving. This is done without compromising the quality of the collected data.”

Katja Kovačič – NAI Significa


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