Alma Mater: Attendance Monitoring Application

beleženje prisotnosti - mobilna aplikacija

Project presentation

Alma Mater Europaea – ECM approached us with the desire to update the functionality and visual appearance of their existing mobile application.

The challenge they faced was that their existing system in production did not allow for easy upgrades of their mobile app, which meant long-term management and upgrades were limited and very time-consuming. Due to the desire to migrate to a more modern technology and possible long-term maintenance, they decided to re-implement the mobile application.

What we created

The client wanted the users of the mobile application to be able to quickly, easily and reliably record attendance at the offered subjects within the study program. In agreement with the client, for this purpose we created the application using current technology, we also took care of a complete restoration of the application’s appearance and optimal performance.

Aplikacija za beleženje prisotnosti


The app enabled the students and professors at Alma Mater to easily and quickly record their attendance at scheduled courses of study programs via the mobile application. We also put a lot of emphasis on security, by protecting the entire backend system and web interface in a way that enables only authenticated and authorized users to access data.

All upgrades have been versioned, which enables stable development and an overview of the history of changes.

An easier and more affordable upgrade in the future

Due to its design and implementation, the application also allows for easy maintenance and upgrading, which will be extremely important for the customer in the future due to constantly changing technologies.

With a modular development of functionalities, we have reduced the possible future development costs and time requirements of upgrading or maintaining the application.

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