Ars longa: online platform

Project presentation

The Academic Travel Agency Ars longa, which has been present on the Slovenian market since 1991 was founded with the aim of organizing trips with an emphasis on getting to know places, people and their way of life, and especially the cultural and historical heritage of the countries visited.

After a familiarization period with the Academic Travel Agency Ars longa, we constructed a roadmap for the development of an online platform for advertising and booking trips to various tourist destinations together with the agency and then implemented it.

What we created

The challenge of the project was the renovation of the website and relieving the client’s employees by automating the reservation process. We automated it by using our BookinIT system. By renovating the website, we also improved the user experience and design.

The developed platform also includes an interactive map, which helps end customers quickly find the destinations they want to visit.

After the creation of the web platform, we also carried out an onboarding process with the client, where we went through the entire platform and checked whether they understand the operation of each segment and know how to manage it.


The end result of our efforts is a user- and mobile-friendly web platform.

By renting the BookinIT system, the client automated the reservation process and thus relieved their employees. This is because the platform has an automated process of entering individual offers (price, capacity, address, date), which draws data from the system Turist in real time.

The smart search engine enables ArsLonga’s employees and end customers to quickly find offers that meet their requirements. The search also allows filtering by date of arrival and departure. Travel offers are displayed in a clear and simple way. The selection of the trip is followed by registration, which guides the end customer through several registration steps. After the chosen trip is paid for in the last step, it is booked.

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