BookinIT online platform for travel agencies

Project presentation

In the course of cooperation with the Travel agency Palma, we realized that the market for online tourist offices does not offer a solution that we would wish for our customers.

Because of this, we created BookinIT, an online platform for travel agencies which, through centralization, solves the biggest problem travel agencies face – dispersion of data across different systems. It offers them all the tools they need to run a successful online travel business in one place.


turistične spletne rešitve

What we’ve created

BookinIT is a modern online travel agency that brings together various databases into a single editorial interface. By centralizing data and providing analytical tools, BookinIT enables detailed analysis, predictions, travel trend reporting, and booking facilitation. Its key advantages include speed, scalability, and universality.

The system allows for the entire process of online reservations and purchases. It includes all necessary modules for the smooth operation of travel agencies, such as a smart search engine, integration with websites, applications, B2B partners, and agents. The platform enables travel agencies to reduce maintenance costs, streamline organization, facilitate reproduction, search, review, and confirmation of selected packages, and provides a comprehensive overview of carriers and providers in one place. It also automatically updates prices, capacities, and other relevant data.

30% increase in sales and increased customer trust

Shortly after launching the platform, Travel Agency Palma increased their sales by 30%. The reason for this was a well-thought-out user experience and the creation of an online travel store where customers can easily find exactly what they are looking for.

Intelligent search engine 

Every customer is different and therefore has different needs. BookinIT’s intelligent search system enabled Palma’s customers to quickly and intuitively search for the perfect holiday with the help of keywords. In addition, the entered packages are automatically tagged with the appropriate labels for continents, countries and regions, which makes the work of Palma agents easier.

Process automation

The system automatically checks the availability and bookings in real time, which helps agents avoid wasting a lot of time writing emails or calling suppliers to check the availability of each accommodation.

Reduction and simplification of administration

The implemented system eliminated the need to compile offers from different booking systems or repetitive searching, double-checking, copying and pasting of holiday packages from and to tables. A holiday package need be entered into BookinIT only once.

Even entries that are no longer on offer are still archived. In this way, by renting an online office, a travel agency can significantly simplify its operations and provide excellent service to its customers. The solution enabled the company to reach significantly more customers online, as it offers them the option to search for and book vacations from the comfort of their own home.

All platforms in one place

Accommodation bookings, transportation, service providers…
manage all platforms across all sectors in ONE place.

Get all-in-one solutions

Your business can have full functionality online, reaching a MUCH LARGER AUDIENCE at the same or even lower maintenance costs.

Receive the complete package of our solutions ready for use and tailored to your existing systems. Our package also includes servers/hosting.

Scalable and modular

Whether you’re a small business that doesn’t need all our modules or you require a comprehensive solution for large systems, BookinIT is a modular and scalable system that adapts to your needs and can grow with you.

We don’t highlight our brands on your system. Present your brand to your customers, not ours.

Customer feedback

“The BookinIT website and system are very easy to use. Publishing content and images takes us much less time compared to our previous website. It enables us to provide our sales partners with our offers through all possible channels (B2B portal, iFrame, Booking API) and in five different languages. In doing so, we have also greatly increased sales at home and abroad. We are satisfied in all aspects.

Staš Pišek – online marketing manager, Travel Agency Palma

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