Neonart: online application

Project presentation

Neonart is a family production company that specializes in the production of advertising signs and the assembly of illuminated signs and has a 55-year-old tradition. Illuminated advertising signs are a very effective medium, where we attract people’s attention with visual effects, convey the contained messages, and at the same time strengthen the visibility of a particular brand. The company has also obtained the SIQ certificate and the CE standard for the implementation of advertising signs.

They approached us with a request for an online application.

What we created

The goal of the project was to develop a web application, or configurator, for creating advertising signs according to the user’s wishes. We designed the configurator to guide the customer through the entire sign design. It allows them to enter text, adjust its size, choose colors, type of lighting, choose the material used and profile. Users are able to view their products in a 2D or 3D view while editing. In the last step, the user enters their data and submits an inquiry. Practically every lay user can very easily and through a clearly structured process make their own individual product, which they order and receive by mail with all the instructions they need, along with a visual sketch. The result of the project is therefore a comprehensive and well-thought-out user experience.


The innovation of the project is the digitization of the production of illuminated signs and their 3D display, which enables a very clear and quick review of the created sign. In this way, the customer can imagine the product more easily and decide on it more easily.

The solution is adapted to the overall graphic image of the client (CGP). At the same time, we take into account all good practices and design trends and follow the foundations of a good user experience. In this way, visitors to the online store immediately get all the information they are looking for, and at the same time they find their way to the online store quickly, as the content is presented transparently. They also have the option of choosing a payment method (advance invoice or online card payment). The creation and issuance of invoices for online purchases is automatic (for all payments made through the selected online card payment provider).


Inovacija pri projektu je digitalizacija izdelave svetlobnih napisov in njihov 3D prikaz, ki omogoča zelo nazoren in hiter pregled ustvarjenega napisa. Stranka si tako produkt lažje predstavlja in se zanj lažje odloči. 

Aplikacija je prilagojena celostni grafični podobi naročnika ob upoštevanju dobrih praks in trendov oblikovanja ter dobre uporabniške izkušnje. Na ta način obiskovalci spletne trgovine takoj dobijo vse informacije, ki jih iščejo, obenem pa se v spletni trgovini hitro znajdejo, saj je vsebina predstavljena transparentno.

Price calculator and inquiry module

The online store also contains a price calculator that enables real-time price calculation for individual products. This allows users to choose solutions that have the most favorable ratio between product features and price.

Part of the online store will also be an inquiry module, which enables visitors of the online application who want additional advice to communicate directly with the service provider or of the product.



Spletna trgovina vsebuje tudi kalkulator cen, ki omogoča sprotno računanje cen pri posameznem produktu. Na ta način lahko uporabniki izbirajo rešitve, ki imajo zanje najbolj ugodno razmerje med lastnostmi produkta in ceno. Imajo tudi možnost izbire načina plačila (predračun ali spletno kartično plačilo). Kreiranje in izdaja računov za spletne nakupe poteka avtomatsko (za vsa plačila, izvedena preko izbranega ponudnika spletnega kartičnega plačila).

Del spletne trgovine bo tudi modul povpraševanja, ki obiskovalcem spletne aplikacije, ki želijo dodatno svetovanje, omogoča direktno komunikacijo s ponudnikom storitve oziroma produkta.

Designed with the future in mind

The online store is built with a framework that allows easy editing of the content in the online store. Easy upgrades and adjustments are also possible in case of adding new products, services and/or functionality in the future.

Spletna trgovina je izdelana z ogrodjem, ki omogoča enostavno urejanje vsebine v spletni trgovini. Omogočene so tudi enostavne nadgradnje in prilagoditve v primeru dodajanja novih izdelkov, storitev in/ali funkcionalnosti v prihodnosti.

Customer feedback

“The epidemic encouraged us to implement the project, which was initially created only as a conceptual design and a graph on paper. We were aware that the situation was an opportunity for something completely new and a big step in the digital transformation of a manufacturing company. We entrusted our idea to the young, driven and innovative U-centrix team, which of course, with its expertise, immediately stepped up to meet us. We ourselves were complete laymen in the IT world, so their systematic, professional, responsive and professional approach was crucial to the success of the project. In fact, the developed application is an innovation and is a completely new approach in the context of the digitalization of a manufacturing company. This is why we are very grateful to U-centrix, since we have, with our joint efforts, moved the boundaries of the company’s traditional way of doing business.”

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