Project presentation

The challenge the client faced was that the online platform for travel agencies they were using at the time did not support quality online sales. Visitors did not have a comprehensive overview of the offers, information about each package had to be entered in several places, which made it difficult to update and search through the offers. As a result, the information on the website was unreliable and inconsistent.

What we created

The client wanted visitors of the online search engine to be able to browse through their offers quickly, simply and reliably. A key part of the plan was the implementation of the modern online platform for travel agencies BookinIT.

30% increase in sales and increased customer trust

Together, we created an online search engine that displays in one place exactly what future travelers are looking for in an easy way.

Intelligent search engine 

Every customer is different and therefore has different needs. BookinIT’s intelligent search system enabled Palma’s customers to quickly and intuitively search for the perfect holiday with the help of keywords. In addition, the entered packages are automatically tagged with the appropriate labels for continents, countries and regions, which makes the work of Palma agents easier.

Process automation

The system automatically checks the availability and bookings in real time, which helps agents avoid wasting a lot of time writing emails or calling suppliers to check the availability of each accommodation.

Reduction and simplification of administration

The implemented system eliminated the need to compile offers from different booking systems or repetitive searching, double-checking, copying and pasting of holiday packages from and to tables. A holiday package need be entered into BookinIT only once.

Even entries that are no longer on offer are still archived. In this way, by renting an online office, a travel agency can significantly simplify its operations and provide excellent service to its customers. The solution enabled the company to reach significantly more customers online, as it offers them the option to search for and book vacations from the comfort of their own home.

turistične poslovalnice online

The client

Since 1990, the Palma tourist agency has been catering to all travel wishes and tastes by offering travel and holiday packages all over the world. In the time since then, it has grown from a small private travel company based in Celje into one of the strongest independent tour and holiday organizers in our country.

Why do we like the project?

The project is especially close to our hearts because it is a pleasure to work with a client who wants to improve things and knows the importance of a rational approach in order to make progress. We are also proud to have added value to the client through an innovative approach that was not limited to the client’s initial wishes. We in stead proposed and implemented a solution after thoroughly researching their actual needs.

Customer feedback

»U-centrix implemented the possibility of compiling offers on the website, which was a rather large project. This allows us to enable users to put together their own trips. They arranged this for us in such a way that the user experience is very good and simple. Visitors can easily organize their trips on our website, as the quality of the user experience makes the process very efficient and clear for the user. We were also very satisfied with their responsiveness and suggestions. In accordance with our wishes, they added various functionalities to the website that we decided we needed later in the process. These include adding options for static pages to specify offers that we wanted to appear as dynamic pages or to have the same design as the rest of the offers.«

Urša Knausmarketing, Travel Agency Palma

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